Woman having spa treatment

Tattoo Removal

PicoSure® Laser

Our picosecond laser emits the fastest pulse of light available to break up tattoo color particles and minimize scarring.

With the Kirby Desai Tattoo Removal Scale, the number of treatment sessions can be estimated, but the actual number necessary to fully remove a tattoo may be influenced by the mix of inks, additives, and the individual response of the skin.

To alleviate discomfort, topical anesthetic cream, anesthetic injections, and distracting techniques, such as vibration, are helpful.

Immediately following a session, the treatment area will appear whitish but then will likely turn red, become crusty, and possibly develop blisters. Applying Aquaphor will protect the area and promote skin recovery. The skin usually heals in a week. Between sessions, for example six to eight weeks apart, a lighter image of the tattoo may be visible. Ultimately, the lasered skin may be lighter or darker than the surrounding skin. Change in skin texture and incomplete removal are also possible.

Cost will depend on the size of the treatment area(s) and number of treatment sessions.